Packages in "Debian Common"

The repository "Debian Common" (origin joede-common) will be the repo for all these unofficial packages, which are independent from a special release. You can look at the Packages file too.

Including this repository is really simple. Just download apt source entry jdesch-debian-common.list and the public key of the repository. Then copy the source file to the apt configuration directory and add the key. The next repository update will include my packages, That's all.

# wget -nd
# wget -nd
# cp jdesch.list /etc/apt/source.list.d/
# apt-key add jdesch-list-key.asc
# apt-get update

Important: the repository includes newer releases of packages which are available in the regular debian repository! Adding this repository will automatically update all of these packages!

Again, you do this at your own risk! I'm not responsible if all this crashes your installation.

Current content of this repository

Note: the list below is may be not up-to-date! To see the complete list, look into the Packages file!

Package joede-wallpaper-collection-1366x768

  • Release: 1.0-2
  • Description: My personal wallpaper collection (space) for 1366x768.

Package joede-wallpaper-collection-1650x1050

  • Release: 1.0-2
  • Description: My personal wallpaper collection (space) for 1650x1050.

Package joede-wallpaper-collection-1920x1080

  • Release: 1.0-2
  • Description: My personal wallpaper collection (space) for 1920x1080.

Package joede-latex-prjdoc

  • Release: 0.5-2
  • Description: This package implements a LaTeX document class to write manuals, requirement specifications or other ISO9001 aware documents. The package comes with some additional styles for environments to define test cases and commands descriptions.

Package mediathekview

  • Release: 10-1~jdesch1
  • Description: mediathekview - view streams from German public television stations. This application searches for various media center video content of the German television program (ARD, ZDF, Arte, 3Sat, MDR, ORF, SRF and many more). You can watch, download and even subscribe to an offered show.
  • Note: This is a repacked binary and not a backport of the official Debian package!
  • Note: since there are no dependencies to binaries, I've moved the package to debian-common.

Pakcage jdotxt

  • Release: 0.4.8-1~jdesch1
  • Description: jdotxt is a small and good looking Java GUI to edit the Todo.txt style task lists. For more information see the homepage of the project. There is no official Debian package for jdotxt, so this one is my own creation. The application is part of the menu section "project management".