Lists with available repositories

Here you can find a summary of all repositories currently available at this site. The details of the installation of an repository is covered inside the list of the packages. Just follow the links. ;-)

Debian "Wheezy"

For the previous stable release 7 aka "Wheezy", I have built only one single repository. The repository if at end of life and only security fixes will be packported here. See the list of packages for details.

Debian "Jessie"

The current stable release 8 aka "Jessie" is supported with four different repositories now. I've done this to separate the packages. These repositories are

  • joede-backports with the backports not accepted by the official backport repository (no sponsor found or so). The default priority is lowered to 100! See the list of backport packages for details.
  • joede-experimental for backports made from packages which are not part of Debian "testing". These packages could be taken from "sid" or may be from Ubuntu. See the list of experimental packages for details.
  • joede-own will hold my own "unofficial" packages. See the list of my own packages for details.
  • joede-common will be the repo for all these unofficial packages, which are independent from a special release. See the list of common packages for details.