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This is my personal and private blog! The targeted audience are my friends and my family.


Joerg Desch


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The goal of this blog

This is a package repository for Debian 7 aka "Wheezy". None of the package are official packages. I've built them for my very own purpose! I'm using several computer running Debian Wheezy. To share the packages between these computers, my first (OK, my second) thought was a repository. Now I decided to make it public.

Use the repository/packaged at your own risk!

Why another repository

I recommend to use the official Debian backports! Normally I provide my backported packages to this official repository. To do so, I need a sponsor with upload rights. So if this is not possible, I have to put it them into my own repository.

Backports for a stable release are always taken from the testing release. Sometime I need packages from other sources. These packages are not accepted as backports. So I have to provide these packages in my repository too.

Which architecture is supported?

For now, I only provide amd64 binaries. But some of the packages doesn't depend on an architecture. If I find some spare time, I plan to add some packages for the Raspberry Pi, but I can't specify a fixed date.

Some security constrains

I do not guarantee for the code of the applications nor for the built packages. The repository is gnupg signed.

Again, use them at your own risk!

Nevertheless, I try to be up-to-date with the upstream releases. For backported Debian packages, I watch the security mailing list.

Please, don't file me bug reports related to the application itself! Send these reports to the maintainer of the original application!

How to include the repository?

Including this repository is really simple. Just download apt source entry jdesch*.list and the public key jdesch-list-key.asc of the repository. Then copy the source file to the apt configuration directory and add the key. The next repository update will include my packages, That's all.

For details and links see the repository overview and select your repository!

Important: the repository includes newer releases of packages which are available in the regular debian repository! Adding this repository will automatically update all of these packages!

Again, you do this at your own risk! I'm not responsible if all this crashes your installation.

Which packages are includes?

I try to keep the package lists of the repositories up to date.

Have fun.