Updated package

I've backported the current release of the great MediathekView. This new release requires some changes...

Updated package in "Debian Common"

  • Package "mediathekview" 13.0.1

Again, a repacked binary of the upstream of MediathekView. Since Release 12 the application requires Java 8 and JavaFX. The startup script uses the Debian package java-wrappers to determine the correct JRE. On Debian Jessie, Java 8 (from the official backports) can be installed along with the default Java 7! No further action is required!

Update 10.2.2017

An upgrade to mediathekview 13.0.1 is hold back due to the dependencies to Java 8. Since the Java 8 JRE is not part of the regular repositories, the upgrade can't fulfill these dependencies. Java 8 is part of the official backports, so the easiest solution is to install mediathekview again with the target "jessie-backports". Now the upgrade works as expected, because the depencies are loaded out of the backport repositories.

sudo apt-get install -t jessie-backports mediathekview