Housekeeping and updated packages

OK, after a longer delay (yes, once again) I've seen the need for some housekeeping. Doing this, I've made some updates. ;-)


  • for some time now, kicad is part of the official backports. For this reason, I have removed my package some time ago. Now I have removed the package kicad-library too. It seems to be integrated into the official backports.
  • geany, zim and synapse are also part of the official backports, so I have removed them here.
  • uncrustify, devtodo and mosquitto are in "testing". So I have moved them from my repositories "own" and "experimental" into my "backports". As a side effect, I have rebuild them based on the latest releases from "testing".

What's next

I have the backport for a more recent package of recoll in my queue. One of the very nice features of Recoll is the possibility to add a foreign index database. This feature allows the creation of an index on a server instead of reading all the files over NFS! In my case, the server is a Debian based "Banana Pi" single board computer. So I will add a ARM repository for this small computer and provide a experimental package of "Recoll" without GUI! If it takes to long for you, feel free and send me an email that you are interessed in such a GUI-less package too. In this case, I will try to speedup this port.

Updated package in "Debian Backports"

  • Package "uncrustify" 0.64

  • Package "devtodo" 0.1.20

  • Package "mosquitto" 1.4.10

For the backport of the mosquitto packages, I added the fix for issue #260.