Internal news and updated package

I've lowered the default priority of my backports repository and updated (once again) the package recoll...

Internal changes

In the previous configuration of my backport repository, you've got all all of my backports with the default priority of 500. This priority is higher than the one of the official backports. So I've changed the behaviour today to the one used by the official repository.

The backports must now installed by passing the "origin" using the parameter -t! And here comes the second problem. I've chosen "Debian" as origin because I wasn't sure how to select a better name. To pass a origin with -t, this anme must be uniq. So I've changed the origin entry of all of my repositories!

To install packages from my current backport repository you have to pass -t joede-backports to each call of apt-get. This is exactly the same requirement as for the official backports repository.

To force the priority to a value lower than 100, you have to add the priority manually! Create as root a file /etc/apt/preferences.d/joede-backports.pref with the following content:

Package: *
Pin: release o=joede-backports Pin-Priority: 80

Note: the changed origins seems to have no impact for already installed packages. I hope there are no other drawbacks.

Updated package in "Debian Backports"

  • recoll 1.21.5-1

Before finding a sponsor for the backport, the package in Testing gets a fresh update. So here is my backport. ;-)