New and updated packages

Together with the last missing KiCAD packages kicad-doc-*, some more updates and new backports were uploaded...

Since I plan to play with the Mosquitto messaging system (a MQTT implementation), I decide to backport a more current release to play with. Attention: I have not tried these packages yet, so please test it on your own risk!

New packages in "experimental"

kicad-doc-* 4.0.1~jdesch+1

These packages contain the KiCAD documentation in HTML and PDF format. The available languages are en, fr, it, ja, nl and pl.

Mosquitto 1.4.7~jdesch+1

This bunch of packages contains the libraries and tools of the Mosquitto messaging system. Mosquitto is used in the Internet of Things world. The following packages are includes:

  • libmosquitto-dev
  • libmosquitto1
  • libmosquitto1-dbg
  • libmosquittopp-dev
  • libmosquittopp1
  • libmosquittopp1-dbg
  • mosquitto
  • mosquitto-clients
  • mosquitto-dbg
  • mosquitto-dev

Updated packages in "backports"

  • zim 0.65-2~bpo8+1

This is a new backport of the Zim Desktop Wiki. The package is installed on my workstation and it is running stable for the last hour. ;-)