First new and updated packages in 2016

One completly new package and one update. After I've finished one upgrade from Wheezy to Jessie and three new installations all with the migrated repository, I think I can say that the stuff here works as expected. Feel free to use these backports...

OK, the new upstream package of MediathekView was on my TODO list for a longer time now. I've build the package again with the prebuilt binary. The new package jdotxt, a Todo.txt GUI written in Java. Again, I've used the prebuilt Java jar instead of building it by myself.

New stuff

  • jdotxt 0.4.8-1~jdesch1

jdotxt is a small and good looking Java GUI to edit the Todo.txt style task lists. For more information see the homepage of the project.

There is no official Debian package for jdotxt, so this one is my own creation. The application is part of the menu section "project management".

Updated stuff

  • mediathekview 10-1~jdesch1

The new major release 10 was published by the upstream maintainer a while ago. Due to my limited spare time the backport is a little bit late. ;-)