Status update for "Jessie" repositories

Status of the packages

For my "Wheezy" repository, I've backported several packages. With most of them, I'm working on a more or less regular base. But some ports were done for testing purposes or just for fun.

Here is a summary what will happen.

This packages are in "Jessie" and must not be updated. They are up-to-date or newer:

  • tig
  • gpsbabel
  • gtkterm
  • jansson
  • medit
  • mosquitto
  • qlandkartegt

This packages needs to be backported from unofficial sources:

  • mediathekview
  • altyo
  • route-converter
  • simplescreenrecorder
  • mmarchitect

This packages will no longer be part of my repository, at least for now:

  • fotoxx
  • hstr
  • cr3

My own packages

All of my own packages will be ported to "Jessie". This includes os of my meta packages and the following packages:

  • libezv24
  • rename-tool
  • ivy-c
  • ivy-cpp
  • joede-latex-prjdoc (Updated)

That's all for today.