Preparing Repository for "Jessie"

Some new for you.

I had started this repository as a quick hack for some friends and me. For this reason, I had not separated the backported packages from my own packages. This was a mistake which I plan to avoid for "Jessie".

I am preparing four different repositories to separate the packages. These repositories are

  • jessie-backports with the backports not accepted by the official backport repository (no sponsor found or so).
  • jessie-experimental for backports made from packages which are not part of Debian "testing". These packages could be taken from "sid" or may be from Ubuntu.
  • jessie-own will hold my own "unofficial" packages.
  • debian-common will be the repo for all these unofficial packages, which are independent from a special release.

It will take some time

I have several computer running "Wheezy". Some of them are in a production environment. This is the reason why all of them are still running "Wheezy".

I have tested the "dist-upgrade" to "Jessie" within a virtual machine. To do this, I removed the source list jdesch.list. After upgrading has finished, the regular backports were replaced by the official packages from "Jessie". All of my own packages are still installed, but don't have a repository assigned anymore. This is OK because I removed the source list.

I have to test the process of adding a new source list and update my packages with the releases inside this new repository. If this is replacing all installed packages as expected, I will publish all informations necessary to use my ports again.

So stay tuned. ;-)