1 new und 1 updated package

New stuff

  • joede-latex-prjdoc

This package implements a LaTeX document class to write manuals, requirement specifications or other ISO9001 aware documents. The package comes with some additional styles for environments to define test cases and commands descriptions.

I've written these styles as part of an ISO9001 project documentation in 1999. After reactivating this class as base of an pandoc template, I decided to make it public. The project is hosted at github!

This version contains:

  • prjdoc.cls: this is the class prjdoc, the working horse of this package.
  • milestones.sty: adds an environment to define milestones.
  • testcase.sty: adds an environment to define test cases.
  • thecommand.sty: adds an environment to describe commands. I'm using this to specify serial protocols.
  • abkuerz.sty: some german abbrevs.

Before adding it to my repository, I've tweaked the metadata of the Debian package. Be aware that this is the first time I publish my Debian package.

Updated stuff

  • gpsbabel, gpsbabel-gui, gpsbabel-doc 1.5.0-3

The Debian team has fixed the package to build the documentation. This package now comes with a valid HTML and PDF manual. That's all...