3 updates and 6 new packages

Updated stuff

  • joede-meta-standard-fonts 1.0-3 -- I have added a dependency to fonts-roboto and fonts-font-awesome. Two fonts I often use.

  • joede-meta-devel-libs 1.0-3 -- Added an additional dependency to libudev-dev.

  • joede-meta-workstation 1.0-3 -- Added a dependency to the old but useful system-config-printer. It is still a mess to edit the default options of a printer configuration in GNOME3. But it is good to know that GNOME 3.10 has fixed that issue.

New packages

The following packages are not part of Debian. The packages are build using the package metadata of the upstream. I use both packages for my own (embedded) projects, so I add these stuff mostly for myself.

Since the packages are not part of Debian, I plan to add a additional repository "experimental" to isolate all this foreign stuff. But for now I have no time to do this.

The Ivy Message Bus

  • ivy-c 3.11.5-1~jdesch3
  • ivy-c-dev 3.11.5-1~jdesch3
  • ivy-cpp 1.1-1~jdesch2
  • ivy-cpp-dev 1.1-1~jdesch2

The Ivy project implements a so called message bus. It's like dbus in linux, bus this message bus has some advantages.

  • it doesn't need a central daemon
  • it is not restricted to Linux or *nix.
  • it works across multiple maschines (it's Ethernet)

There are some disadvantages like ugly code and pure C++ bindings. But it is open source, so you can fix it. ;-)

Some words from the homepage:

Ivy is a simple protocol and a set of open-source (LGPL) libraries and programs that allows applications to broadcast information through text messages, with a subscription mechanism based on regular expressions. Ivy libraries are available in C, C++, Java, Python and Perl, on Windows and Unix boxes and on Macs. Several Ivy utilities and hardware drivers are available too.

Ivy is currently used in research projects in the air traffic control and human-computer interaction research communities as well as in commercial products. It is also taught to CS students.

Easy V24 Access Library

  • libezv24 0.1.3-2~jdesch
  • libezv24-dev 0.1.3-2~jdesch

The ezV24 library provides an easy to use programming interface to the serial ports of the *nix system. It uses the C posix API as base of it's work.