First 10 new packages added

The first shot.

These are the first packages in my Debian Wheezy repository.

  • simplescreenrecorder 0.2.2-1~jdesch1
  • cr3
  • hstr 1.12-jdesch1
  • rename-tool 1.99.2-1
  • mediathekview 6-1
  • qlandkartegt 1.7.6-1~jdesch+1
  • gpsbabel 1.5.0-2~joede+1
  • medit 1.2.0-1~jdesch+1
  • jansson 2.6-1~joede70+1
  • altyo 0.4~rc5-jdesch1

The packages hstr, altyo and medit are added just to play with them.

For mediathekview I've used the original upstream archive as base for a new package. This means, I don't use the Debian package to build it from source!

rename-tool is a tool I use for a long time. So I've decided to stay with it and built a Debian package for it.